Spirista Mocktail
Made in collaboration with branding students, I designed the packaging for a new brand of mocktails. Spirista is meant to energize a party-loving personality without the negative side-effects that come along with its alcoholic counterparts. 
Ethos Elevated Water
Ethos is a new, unique, and striking brand of water designed in collaboration with Xavier brand building students. I created the packaging in collaboration with fellow designer Chris Hauk. 
Tree of Life Juice
Tree of Life is a juice brand I made in collaboration with marketing students at Xavier. This product was meant to be a power-juice targeted towards 20-30 year olds as a way to feel fresh and healthy every day. The concept was later presented to Procter & Gamble officials.
CoGlo Beauty Seltzer
CoGlo is a beverage brand concept made with branding students. Do you want glowing skin, even skin tone, and something calm for sensitive skin? Try CoGlo!
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