Alexa Kreuzer - Fancy Things (Music Video):
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Nicholas Namyar
I interviewed the Xavier Alliance Club to hear their thoughts on how LGBTQ+-friendly Xavier University is. Shot and edited by Nicholas Namyar.
Below is a news advertisement I independently planned, filmed, and edited for Golden Gelato, a new gelato shop in Covington, Kentucky. 
Documentation of Monica Namyar's art show at the Xavier University Art Galleries
Xavier University Art Galleries Promotional Video for Instagram
"imaginary friend" is a short fiction film about the dramatic reactions to being stood up on a park date, yearning for someone that realizes her worth, and reminiscing the innocence and carelessness of childhood from the swing-set. Filmed in Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky.
Director and Editor
"Partners in Crime" short fiction film:
Below is a short introduction
Assistant Director, Art Direction & Graphics
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